From Levelap to Stack Builders

Next week is my last week as a member of the Levelap team. After a year and a half being part of this project the time has come for a change, for facing new challenges, an learning new technologies and workflows.

During this year and a half I’ve felt supported and appreciated, and I’ve been listened to as in no other place I’ve worked in during my life. Although the first months were tough, and it took a great effort to change the previous enterprise culture, I think we’ve made a great progress in a little time, and in the right direction. I can only thank to people like Pablo Pazmiño and Rafael Meneses the really good moments we’ve been through, how much I’ve learned along the way, and all the trust they’ve put in me. I’ll miss you, panas.

And where am I heading to? Well, in a week I start working in Stack Builders!. Stack Builders is a small software development company from New York city with offices in Quito, focused in the quality of its code. Until now they’ve been working with Ruby, but are now involved in the process of becoming a Haskell company. The idea of learning how to do real work using the functional paradigm is one of my main reasons for joining their team. Also, I’ll be working with people from whom I will learn a lot, and with whom I will have a good time.

Here we go!