A network of telecentres using free software

Since last fall I have had the privilege of been involved as a project manager in the design and development of the software and network infrastructure for a set of 165 telecentres, using entirely free software. Over the next posts I will try to describe the solution me and the project team have implemented, which is already in production in the mentioned 165 telecentres.

A production router uptime graphic

This network of telecentres emerges as a solution for former Red.es telecentres, centres that worked with Windows operative system, without any kind of remote administration service. The entire network has been adapted to run free software, together with a teleadministration and monitoring solution.

During the implementation of this network we have been able to apply our several years experience as software developers and maintainers of other telecentre networks, and at the same time has brought a number of new challenges due to the special conditions of these centres: no local server, heterogeneity of internet access technologies, or lack of on-site staff, are few of them.

Basic diagram of the network of telecentres

During the next posts I will try to give a more or less complete image of the project, describing the different technologies employed, the design decisions and the problems encountered during development, all divided into the following sections:

  • Basic structure of a telecentre, operating system
  • Private virtual network
  • DD-WRT router
  • Monitoring service and configuration management tool
  • User registration and login system

Here we go!